About K9 Trekkers

K9 Trekkers (K9T) is a licensed, insured and independently-owned dog services company. We specialize in hiking, walking and running dogs as well as providing playdates and beach days. What makes K9T special is that we believe in real exercise and engagement for dogs and we deliver it with our personalized care.

All our hikes, walks and runs are catered to meet the needs of the dogs. Whatever the goal, whether it's to burn off excess energy, engage with the outdoors for an hour or two a day, lose weight, or to take a leisurely stroll, we provide a service which stimulates your dog and positively affects their happiness and behavior. K9T will hike, walk, or run a maximum of 4 dogs at a time because we believe this approach allows for more personal care and more real exercise for the dogs.

At K9T we can guarantee that our workouts and the time spent with your dog will make a big difference in their lives by providing the personalized care each dog deserves.

About Lisa Filpi

Lisa Filpi hiking with Sandy in the John Muir Wildnerness.

My love of animals began years ago when I used to visit my Grandfather on his farm in Wisconsin. I'd spend hours with the kittens, dogs, horses and cows, roaming the landscape and the beautiful fields. Growing up with animals gave me the informal training I needed to understand their behaviors and how to best care for them whether on a farm or in a domestic world.

More recently, I became a proud parent of a Golden Retriever puppy and I found myself combing the trails of Griffith Park every day with her. As we roamed, I thought about all the unfortunate dogs who don't get the daily exercise and attention they need. The following quote from Cesar Millan provided me with the inspiration to launch K9T:

“The walk is an extremely important ritual for a dog. It needs to take place a minimum of twice a day, for at least 30-45 minutes each time, so that both the dog's mind and it's body are given a workout.”